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[Premiere Pro] Extension dành cho Premiere Pro giúp bạn tạo Phụ đề trên Video nhanh chóng

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Closed Captions. Make it once, use it everywhere

SRT format is used by YoutTube to display Closed Captions.
Widely supported by all popular online & offline video players.

Your losing time, if you’re creating captions only within Premier’s Caption Panel.

Where it’s lost? When matching each text line to dialog. Captions not synced to the dialog, don’t work. Premier’s Caption Panel offers two options:

  • Enter the start & end time, manually into a field. Do this for every text line.
  • Or option two: in the timeline, drag by the start & end markers, for each line.

The third is Easy Caption extensions, it’s not AI but it can give you back some of that lost time.

Play the video in Premiere. Listen to dialog, while on the side, each line is fed to you by the extension. When you hear the text line being said, click. The text and the time are stored directly on timeline as comment markers. Basically you watch the video once and at the end of the video you have your captions ready.

Ready to be uploaded on youtube in seconds

After you watch the video and have all the lines synced, click extension’s “Save as SRT” button. In seconds a SRT file is created. This file can be uploaded directly to Youtube, to display Closed Captions.

Let’s talk Open Caption. More fonts, more colors, overall more style options.

Take the SRT file you just created and drop it in Premiere’s timeline, literally, drag and drop the file. The file is imported as a Caption layer. This means you can use Premiere’s Caption Panel to make it pretty.

Search interviews by keywords, using SRT files.

Find how many times a keyword is being said. And the exact points in time when the keyword is being said. Play only that bit of video. Easy research.


Easy Captions for Premier Pro

  • Optimez for Mac & Win
  • Easy to install. Drag and drop, you’re done!
  • Works from AE CC 2017 and above but for cc 2018 which is version 12.0, works after version 12.2
  • Supports special characters
  • Create, edit SRT files
  • Overall, faster workflow in creating Open & Closed captions
  • Full help video here

Subtitles and Captions inside After Effects. New script

  • Optimez for Mac & Win
  • Works in all After Effects CC versions
  • Create, edit SRT file inside After Effecs
  • Single or double text line


Fshare: https://www.fshare.vn/file/7Y1XEVXT2JAI

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